Ticket Fee Control

Decide and Control Your Ticket Fees

You can absorb this for your customers or have them pay it.

We give you the option to decide how you want to handle the ticketing fees. You can absorb it as your cost to your customers. Either way you have the control over the fee.

You can also pass the fees into the ticket sales. By doing this you are practically using our software for FREE! That could make the decision to use our software very "EZ".

Our Features


Instant Pay

Don't wait to get paid. Use our app and get paid directly with your mechant account.


Ticketing Fee Control

We give you complete control to charge what you think is appropriate


Complete Branding

Our software is a white label option so your users know it is just you.



Create your own discounts so you can generate new business or repeat customers


Reserved Seating

Let your customers pick their own seats or block off what you want to sell


Customizable Forms

You can generate your own questions and customize your data collection